Welcome to the world of elizabeth shewan

unique and original art from the south west of england

tarot READINGS and Healing sessions

"Whatever you have on your walls in your home or office

infuses into your core being every day and effects how you feel.

beauty uplifts the spirit and ambience of a place and a life.

nature holds an abundance of this inspiring beauty"

about me

Liz Shewan, Artist and Energy Healer

Known as both Liz and Elizabeth, everything I do and create is with the sole aim to help you feel good and your animals to feel relief. You can find out more about how it all began here.


What you have up on your walls effects how you feel. Passionately inspired by nature in ALL things and loves to express it's magic and wonder to 'Inspire your Heart'. A professional artist for over 20 years work by Liz is hung on walls and sideboards all over the world including Europe, South America, North America, Australia and Africa. Go and see my ART.


For over 15 years I am here to help you move from feeling isolated, lost, estranged, fearful or anxious to self reliance. To help you find peace and calm in your life and within yourself. I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to aid in helping you through something - guidance with TAROT READINGS and HEALING SESSIONS.

Helping out a tired Robin... he is OK now, and has come back to see me since this healing.