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Whatever you have on your walls in your home or office infuses into your core being every day and effects how you feel … beauty uplifts the spirit and ambience of a place and a life … nature holds an abundance of this.  I feel a passion in bringing calm and inspiration into people’s lives to give relief to the viewer…

Come on a Journey with me ...

For me the making of my art connects me with the reality and magic of life itself.  It keeps me grounded and my energies flowing throughout my life.  Having suffered from high anxiety for many years that was often suppressed within me, creating art was indeed a blessing.  Not only did it help me release energy that needed to be let go of, but it also helped me to observe the world in a more attentive way which helped me find peace in the world.  This process drew me closer and closer to nature, in the roundest sense of the word, which has lead me to expressing a sense of optimism within my art … Art to ‘Inspire your Heart’.

Remember Forever ...

I live amongst the beautiful patchwork rural rolling hills right on the border where Devon, Dorset and Somerset meet, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Jurassic Coast – both of which proffer me much inspiration.



  • Countryside Wishes © Liz Shewan 2017

    Countryside Wishes

  • Boxing Hares Butterflys © Liz Shewan Artist 2017

    Postcards of Wildlife | Boxing Hares Moon

  • Golden DoorMouse Sleeping © Liz Shewan Art Postcard

    Postcards of Wildlife | DoorMouse Sleeping

  • Flower Heaven Hares Gold © Liz Shewan Art Postcard

    Postcards of Wildlife | Hare Flowers Heaven Gold

  • Golden Observing Hare © Liz Shewan Art Postcard

    Postcards of Wildlife | Hare Gold

  • Pheasant Plumes Gold © Liz Shewan Artist 2016

    Postcards of Wildlife | Pheasant Gold

  • Crows Gold © Liz Shewan Artist 2017

    Postcards of Wildlife | Raven Crow Gold


Over the last few months I’ve become the proud owner of two of Liz’s amazing paintings which I absolutely love. One is from her ‘Seascape’ series and the other is ‘Inspired Thought’. Her talent and versatility in her work is incredible, looking at these paintings, the detail is wonderful and you really feel that you are there, walking on the beach with the waves crashing towards you or wandering in the woods full of autumn colours. Her artwork is an absolute joy, brilliant!

Zoe Dixon

Preston, UK

I am the very happy owner of at least 6 “Shewan’s” bought over a number of years starting some 15 years ago. They all still give immense pleasure to the whole family. It is of note that they are the only artwork that survived my getting married and I have even been allowed to add to the collection since that happy day. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.

Colin Elwell

Director, Smith and Williamson

I love Liz’s individual style, with a spiritual energy that connects with something within me.  I sense that something else is working through Liz  to communicate an essence of universal consciousness.  Her work really stretches the imagination and I feel this with both her paintings and sculptures.  Her composition captures your attention in different ways with different paintings because she does have a Gemini way of thinking that brings out a broad range of styles – but you can always tell it’s one of hers.

I have bought many paintings by Liz – her work always makes me search within … and I always find that Liz is expressing for me how I feel in the world.

Derek Bunch

Retired Tool Maker, Somerset

Inspire your Heart with



~  Wild Swirly Magical Trees  ~

~  Big Moons and Golden Skies  ~

~  Animals and their Magic  ~

~  Spirit Connections and Soul Journeys  ~

~  Families and the One’s you Love  ~

~  Freedom  ~

~  Stories and Healings  ~

~  Love and all things Gooey  ~

~  All things Sumptuous  ~

~  Hope  ~

~  Being Lost in the Moment  ~

Bringing the Earth Alive…

I love using my hands and to make beautiful things; making direct contact with the earth, as it were; and bringing my subject to life through the clay and wool too now – expressing body language, body shapes and portraying their inner selves by the way they hold themselves and move within their skin, bringing a story alive.

Each piece is original. My sculptures are a mixture of hand-dried clays, stoneware or earthenware fired; either individually painting or finished with many layers of patina and verdigris wax applied as a finish that makes them appear generally either with a bronze finish or an ivory looking finish.  I am also starting to sculpt in wool felting – more of that to come in future.

Aspect Series …

I’ve always been a bit of a people watcher … it’s all part of the constant observation that is required for creativity and intuition. This is a relatively new series and I am still working on it – there is still much to explore. It is a combination of expression of psychology, spirituality and archetypes.

This sculpture is called ‘To Eat or Not to Eat’ … part of a series where the characters are contemplating whether to eat the apple or not.  This has many layers of meaning  … it can signify the apple in Adam and Eve and Temptation, but it can also relate to GMO foods and whether we are happy to continue down this route and eating this way in the future.   It can also mean the contemplation of mineral depletion in our minerals and soil in this time in history.  You can find out more about that by taking a look at the sizzling minerals that I sell.

Mini owls …

I love the owl and what it stand for, we all need an owl in our lives!  

Connecting with their energy will help you to strengthen your link to see what’s usually hidden to most people.  So if you wander around with ‘rose tinted glasses’ on then these little owls are perfect for you … they will help you to see the true reality of things, beyond all the illusion and deceit. They really are useful to all to help access parts of the unconscious and find any hidden nooks and crannies to help us learn more about ourselves.  The owl also offers inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.  Great for deepening your connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge.  

Prices start from £13.  I will be putting more images of my owls up in my gallery soon…

Hare Mania

As you may well have noticed, over the last couple of years I have painted and sculpted hares galore!  If you are a hare lover yourself, then you are in the right place.  

The hare travels swiftly and can move deftly from one path to another and between realms in equal measure, giving you helpful insight in each leap.  They also signify fertility and abundance as well as prosperity and good fortune and are perfect to bring into your life to accentuate these in your life.  While the Hare can signify these things their spirit can also warn of deception, delusion, and/or multiple layers of meaning in your life and they ask you to beware of habits or fears that keep you frozen and unable to move forward – great for helping you keep your feet firmly on the ground and a fire in your belly.

I will be adding more hares to my gallery shortly…


Original Paintings

From the deeply mysterious to the wildlife connection, I have many series exploring being, not doing. Peace, kindness, indulgence in the most important things. Being lost in the moment. Being able to let go.  See them here…


Still finding my voice, yet always exalting deep contemplation and connection with the divine within these pieces.  And divinity is in all things, so there is no limit to where this can go.


My first medium is photography.  I reach for my camera instinctively on my journey for inspiration, from nature, snippets of sea, sky, wildlife, nature, domestic animals, people. All of this leads into my other work. And I like to show the gentleness and mystery in life to aid the viewer in seeing the beauty of our existence.  Go to see them here…


An extension of my sketches and textured paintings, deep furrows and mini sculptures in fine silver to boost your inner nature and feminine spirit, be you a woman or a man.  Take a look at what I’ve been making here…


Come to learn to paint by all means, but these workshops are intended to stretch you out of your comfort zone and expand your creativity and imagination so that you can express a feeling and turn your work into a sensual experience for the viewer to savor.  Find our more…

Prints and Cards

Nothing better than spreading the beauty amongst your friends and family – affordable gifts for him and her for all occasions and season.  It is May 2017 and I am in the process of getting some very new stock printed, so watch this space and come back soon!

How to Buy

To order please either buy from our shop or get in touch. I take payment via PayPal that also accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. I also take credit cards over the phone or via BACS.   If the item is in stock, I will post it to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).  If a print or card is not in stock I will get it printed for you as soon as possible, much will depend on my printers.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to give me a call to ask any questions you may have. You can also follow me on social media (Facebook being best) to stay up to date with what I’ve been working on and any exhibitions I have in the pipeline. I’m aware some of you are not into social media, so another sure way of keeping up to date is by signing up to my newsletter and you will get what’s on that way.

Telephone: +00 44 (0)7803 208335
Email: [email protected] or via my contact page here.

I accept commissions.  If this interests you please get in touch.

If you run a gallery or shop and would like to stock my originals, prints or greetings cards please get in touch or call me on +00 44 (0)7803 208335.

To have a look at what I do visit my Online Gallery.

Liz Shewan

Liz Shewan

Artist / Creator

Find out more about me here …

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