Liz Shewan

a south american born artist living in the UK, working from her studio in dorset.

I am passionately inspired by nature in ALL things

I love to express it's magic and wonder to

'Inspire your Heart'

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From the deeply mysterious to the wildlife connection, I have many series exploring being, not doing. Peace, kindness, indulgence in the most important things. Being lost in the moment. Being able to let go.

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Always exalting deep contemplation and connection with the divine within these pieces. And divinity is in all things, so there is no limit to where this can go.

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Nothing better than spreading the beauty amongst your friends and family – affordable gifts for him and her for all occasions and seasons.  I won't be making any more prints from my originals anymore now I am selling off my last prints! Do get in touch if you want to know what I have left.

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"Whatever you have on your walls in your home or office

infuses into your core being every day and effects how you feel.

beauty uplifts the spirit and ambience of a place and a life.

nature holds an abundance of this. 

I feel a passion in bringing calm and inspiration into people’s lives

to give relief to the viewer"

Liz Shewan, 2016.

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People have commissioned me from all over the world to portray their pets, especially dogs, horses and cats.   I love animals with a passion. I also paint family portraits.

My work is hung on walls all over the world including Europe, South America, North America and Africa.  I am UK based working from my studio in the beautiful countryside in the South West and I ship to all corners of the globe at reasonable rates.

Being an animal healer my portraits connect to the true likeness, spirit and personality of your pets.

Send me photos of your pets and your family together with a picturee of the room where you plan to hang the painting and I work with the decor to choose a suitable background colour for the piece.

I offer a variety of sizes, mediums, stretched canvas and frames.  I work closely with you so that you get the best solution for your needs so that they look stunning hanging on your wall.

Please contact me to discuss what you are looking for and a quote.

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It’s all too easy to take life too seriously … and expressing yourself through art is an excellent way to release your anxiety and worries about life.

Spend a few hours with me and tap into the infinite pool of creative energy and prepare to expand your world.

Using a slightly unconventional approach I will help you to connect to the wonders of life and express yourself with a renewed passion and vigour that will positively impact the rest of your life.

I can be hired for workshops, residentials, corporate events, retirement homes, care homes or for private tuition for both adults and young people. I am also asked to take one-off classes for for art societies and clubs.

It does not matter if you have not painted before, or since you were a child or if you are an expert.  The aim of these sessions is to allow your memory and imagination to tell you what to do while you work … and to have fun!

Art inspiration and growth comes from observation, from experience and from tapping into your imagination.  My tuition is designed to move you between these three sources to help your mind remain flexible and creative in your thinking and delivery, as well as to give you the space and time to really focus on the development of your creativity.

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hare tarot deck

After your incredibly supportive responses that I received for the Hare Tarot Deck Cards that I started designing and drawing around September 2016 I am pleased to announce that I have now committed myself to designing a whole deck – exciting stuff!

Appropriately in the image to the right you see me designing the Judgement Hare Tarot Card, as I am coming back around 10 years later to design a tarot deck, this being part of one of the jigsaw puzzle pieces in my life that is finally coming into view to play a larger part in my life story.

Naturally you will understand that this is a huge undertaking and will take much work and effort … however, every element of the whole project contains that which I love – creativity, depth and insight, so this project will be more of a delight for me than a chore.

Once I have completed a large portion of this Hare Tarot Deck it is my hope that I will have many followers keen to see this project go to print, so I will be initialising a KickStarter campaign at some point in the future so that you can all help this happen.  I will expand on this at a later date.

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