Life for all of us has its twists and turns … and all in all this year’s been an unusual year for me.  Despite laying all the best plans, without going into much detail, things didn’t go as intended.  At one point the events led to my brain literally freezing up – the cogs stopped turning, as a natural stress response.  With this my creativity took a bit of a hit.  That is when I started what you have seen recently, a very prolific cool easy drawings session lasting weeks – almost five now I think!  To help clear the fog and get those cogs turning I drew and drew and drew, creating my own little heaven to keep myself sane.  And I am still drawing, I’ve now got addicted to it! (in a good way lol).

Gold Leaf Hares by Liz Shewan in her artist studio

Guinea Pig Painting Drawing Liz Shewan in her Art Studio

Fun Doormouse doormice artist studio Liz Shewan

Those of you who have been watching closely will have seen a transformation take place before your very eyes.  Starting from simple sketches to creating full-blown detailed drawings on paper, which is not a medium I would normally choose – although now I see that it has taken me back to the beginning of my art career where I did in fact draw like this, in less detail … so really I have gone full circle, and am actually going through the death and re-birth of new beginnings – so all is as it should be.  I have been testing techniques, papers, mediums etc.

Bumblebee Liz Shewan working in her Art Studio

If it interests you I have put together a few videos to show that journey – here’s the link to one of them and you can navigate for yourself from there… and you will see a few more photos here of the final product here too to give you a flavour.

As you may or may not know I have been selling these sketches/drawings as I go along on eBay.  That in itself has been an interesting and a valuable part of the journey.  At times watching this has been nerve-wracking for me because I have been very brave (in my opinion) and consistently stuck with putting them up for no more than 99p every time!  That said there’s nothing  better than watching people compete to win your creations.  You have all helped guide me through the whole process as it has been unfolding as I watch what works and what doesn’t – so thank you for that.   And I have been getting some very reasonable prices for my work too, with many of you after the same pieces which I have to say is very exciting for me – the whole experience fills me with a warm glow! … and of course this is exactly what I needed.

Butterfly Days by Liz Shewan working in the Art Studio

But it has got to that stage where I am re-evaluating, as is par for the course.  I am drawing back.   From doing so I have decided that I will continue to draw the simpler sketches for you on eBay as they discipline me as well as guide me – not only that though, I have been told by many of you how you love the beauty captured in their simplicity – and I want to keep giving you what you love.

Autumn Gold in the Studio Liz Shewan Artist

Alas however, the nature of eBay dictates that my more detailed work sadly does not actually pay for itself on there – the amount that I get for them through bidding does not equal the amount of time and skill that I have put into them, so these pieces will now only be up for sale at normal buy it now retail prices – I know the value of my work and time and am also more than happy to ‘practise what I preach’ … something I always help my fellow artists with whom I mentor!

When I started this journey I had no idea where it would take me, all I knew is that I needed to start something new through creation as I really felt deep down that it would lead me somewhere new, and that is what I needed.   And so far that journey has led me to here … the Three of Cups (below) which I painted during November’s SuperMoon which I found incredibly powerful, at the time of writing this post the drawing is not yet finished.  And many of you will know that I read the Tarot … it makes perfect sense for me to consider designing a whole deck.  Here I am dipping my toe in the water, and time will tell where that leads me next as I continue flow with expansion of creation.


I will always recommend this route to any of you if you are ‘going through something’.  It definitely heals.

If you’d like to follow me in my studio whilst I continue my journey then the best place to do it is here on my Facebook Fan Page.  If you are not keen on this platform then you can sign up to my newsletter here and you will get some updates through email, although I have to admit it is not as much as on Facebook … I’m juggling all the Social Media Platforms and honestly, despite always doing my best I really can’t do it all!

Until next time, Liz


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Cool Easy Drawings … try it for yourself at home!  I’d love to see how you get on, so please do share.

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