Most of what I do at this time is online.

I personally like it that way... I love to work from my studio making my creations and working with my clients on VideoSkype in this calm space. Doing this then the time saved travelling and stuff allows me the space I need to be amongst nature as often as I can, it is afterall where I gather my inspiration!

Every so often, however, I do see how it is important that I meet you face to face, be in places where you can come and see my creations in the flesh, feel my creations, hold them in your hands and savour their flavour.

I have a permanent exhibition space at The Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury in Dorset and I hold exhibitions of my stuff at exhibition venues, and sometimes I take workshops or take part in Psychic Fayres. And I also have auction on line. So to keep up to date click below and see where I am.