Soul Rebalancing

Psychic Counselling

Energy Healing and Psychic Counselling, this work takes place on an energetic level and will help you to make clear effective decisions, enabling and empowering you to rebuild connections within you that may have been damaged or even shattered to reconnect your mind, heart and physical body so that you can allow yourself to be true to who you are in mind, body, spirit and soul.



Look at challenging relationships and those that are draining you and find solutions.

Be Happy

Look at healing your fear, shame, regrets and guilt that you may be holding, sometimes for many years, and finally allow yourself to grow your very own wings.

Recurring Body Symptoms

Look at healing symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, back pain, numbing, panic attacks, menstrual pain, IBS to name a few.

Find your Fire

Look at healing your lack of motivation and direction.

Emotional Addictions

Get to the bottom of your issues without going over and over them. You will learn how to translate and transmute your blockages on an energy level.

Become Strong

Look at healing low confidence and self-esteem that may have resulted in a feeling of loss of self so that you can make good decisions and move forward with renewed vigor.

Gain Confidence

Look at healing any humiliation that could be hidden away in your unconscious so that you can grow.


Take a good look at why you have allergies and look at how to change your habits around them and healing.


Look at Identifying abuse and control issues in many forms, often subtle, and how to approach these issues so that you can free yourself from restrictions and thrive.

Highly Sensitive People

Learn to become more robust and manage your energy so that you can still be sensitive but use it in a skilled way. Especially useful for unskilled HSP’s and Empaths.


Look at healing your detrimental behavioural patterns so that you can become free of what is holding you back.

Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is a top priority when it comes to us functioning at the best that we can be. Look at identifying what is going on and healing insomnia.

Each session is bespoke and all about you, so your needs dictate how the sessions go.  After your initial First Session you can then have the appropriate follow-up sessions to be agreed dependant on your requirements and wishes.   

I offer various packages via VideoSkype:

First Session: from £90.00 (contact me to discuss further)

Follow Up Sessions: £1.25 per minute (minimum charge £35).

Email Advice at other times: minimum charge £15.

Please see How to Book and I will get in touch to sort things out.

I also offer Tarot Readings, Animal Healing and House Clearance.

If you would like more information before booking please take a look at my articles, FAQ and terms and conditions.

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