Arrange a Time

Select the type of session best suits your needs. Each consultation is outlined on separate pages of this website so please take a good look around. Any further questions take a look at FAQ. Just ask if it is still not answered.

Either buy from my healing store or contact me to book an appointment time. Let me know if you will be using VideoSkype, FacebookVideoChat or WhatsApp. For those near the Sturminster Newton area in Dorset I do offer face to face readings and healings in my studio, for both people and small animals. If you are local I can come to your yard if they are a large animal or you have more than one you would like me to see.

Please also indicate your city/state/country so that we can consider time differences for international video calls.

If you would like to buy one of my paintings, sculptures or jewellery then please check out what I have up for auction, in my store or on my Facebook FanPage and contact me indicating what you would like. If something has already been sold I can offer you alternatives. You can come to my studio by appointment only to view them before you buy.



Once your session time has been agreed, or you have decided what goods you would like to buy, I will email you with an invoice attached if you haven't purchased through my store. This email will have a 'Review and Pay Invoice' button at the bottom. Click on this and it will show the invoice and you can pay using PayPal or Credit Card. I also provide BACS payment details.

You will need to pay this invoice at the time of booking to secure your appointment time. Sessions are only given after payment is received in advance without exception. Sales made in my studio can be paid on the day of your appointment in cash or using PayPal or Credit Card as I have a card reader machine. I accept Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and American Express Credit Cards.

It is assumed that you have accepted my terms and conditions by booking with me. Take a look at FAQ and if you need to know more please just ask. I have recently transferred my website and realise there are still a few things I need to put up on this site.


All you have to be is present. It’s a good idea to write down a list of things you want to go through during your session, things can get pretty intense and it helps to have things written down. It’s helps me if you have specific questions so that we can get immediately into the process, although if doing this is difficult for you that is OK, once you have allowed me free access into your unconscious I can quickly unravel what is going on and help you get to the deepest parts of any issues and take you through the reading or the healing. Please see the difference between the two here.

I look forward to working with you.