HareMania Series

Hares emanate the essence of love, fertility and abundance into our lives. Hares also have this wonderful ability to move FAST! … and it’s this energy that we can pick up and use to help us move with quick agility between paths that we decide to take in life, and move us away from danger if necessary. I find the hare rather wise in this way.

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  • Sold OutAmongst the Flowers © Liz Shewan 2017

    Amongst the Flowers

  • Golden Moments © Liz Shewan 2017

    Golden Moments

  • Hare Butterfly Red Flowers © Liz Shewan Artist 2017

    Golden Series IV

  • Heady Aromas © Liz Shewan 2017

    Heady Aromas

  • MoonGazing


  • Postcards and Greetings Cards for Sale by Artist Liz Shewan

    Set if 4 Hare Collection Greetings Cards

  • Sitting Hare Gold © Liz Shewan Artist 2017

    Golden Series I

  • Sold OutSitting Hare © Liz Shewan Artist 2017 Studio

    Golden Series II

  • Sold OutRunning Hare Chasing Butterlies Playing Gold Leaf © Liz Shewan Artist 2017

    Golden Series III