Soul Series

The Soul Series is about the journey of the Soul throughout life; on both a micro & macroscopic level. In this Series the circle is very significant. It represents a myriad of things; it is an ideogram of the one, the wholly good towards which the human spirit aspires; it is about totality and eternal continuity, union as well as containment and wholeness; there are no divisions; celestial spheres. Also, within the work there is a conscious connection to the vibration of love and your inner self – and the journey of getting to know who you really are. The rich textures add a 3D element offering another dimension for the unconscious to travel. There are personal Soul messages in each work; and as time goes on the messages change for the viewer with the light and your mood, offering you a deeper message as you travel in time.

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  • A Warm Night of Romance

    A Warm Night of Romance

  • Sold OutAn Offer of Peace

    An Offer of Peace

  • Love Heals Everything

    Love Heals Everything

  • The Key to My Heart

    The Key to My Heart