Tarot Readings

A reading will unearth what is truly going on in the here and now in ALL areas of your life - your family, friends, relationships, love, your health, career, finances and business decisions. It will also give pointers as to how you can affect change in your life ... the aim is to leave you feeling calm and empowered. I use the cards and my intuition to guide you.

Clarity and guidance in any area of your life

  • yes/no answers
  • To unearth what is truly going on in the here and now
  • Guidance as to how things will go if things carry on the way they are
  • Readings can help you understand what those around you are feeling
  • To look at a relationship or relationships in depth if you may be struggling with to help you to start solving things
  • Confirmation on your intuition which is sometimes really good to have because when it comes to intuiting for yourself your own desires can block what is really going on and hearing it from someone else can help you to increase your confidence
  • To gain clarity about how you are really feeling if you have lost sight of that
  • To bring to light any connections that are unhealthy for you
  • Guidance to reach decisions that are best for you

When appropriate I will pass on communications from those who have crossed over into the spirit world. I can also see what past lives are affecting the present and will mention these if and when they come up. Sometimes merely mentioning these lives heals in the present.

If you think you want to look at things in more depth and include healing then please consider a Soul Rebalancing/Psychic Counselling Session.

People book readings with me from all over the world using VideoSkype, WhatsApp or FacebookVideoChat.

For those near the Sturminster Newton area in Dorset I do offer face to face readings and healings in my studio by appointment only.  

I offer various packages, check them out below...

If you would like more information before booking please take a look at my articles, FAQ and terms and conditions.