for You

Whatever we are looking at, I can help you gain clarity.  We specialise in seeing what is going on below the surface and bring to consciousness what is going on in the unseen – an energy level.  

This is especially good when you cannot see the wood for the trees and you know something is not quite right.  We help you to unravel the mystery around your life, untangle from issues that are holding you back and offer you solutions to your issues.  

You will find that areas of spiritual and emotional pain will often be cleared and your energy levels may increase enormously.




I work with animals offering hands on energy work and distant energy work which is sometimes necessary to unblock their energy systems and bring them back into balance.

Pain, injuries and surgery can cause an animals spiritual energy to be out of balance.

Whilst doing this I will often receive communications from them about what they need from you to help them feel better which I will pass on to you.