I bought two hare paintings from Liz without having seen the originals first.  They arrived well packaged and the suspense was killing me as I unwrapped them!  All I can say is that I was totally blown away –  they are truly stunning.  I knew they were going to be gorgeous, but the reality is somehow even better than online! Liz, you are SO talented – I feel incredibly lucky to have been so quick off the mark to have bought them from you before anyone else.

Thank you! They make me so happy every time I look at them.



I love Liz’s individual style, with a spiritual energy that connects with something within me.  I sense that something else is working through Liz  to communicate an essence of universal consciousness.  Her work really stretches the imagination and I feel this with both her paintings and sculptures.  Her composition captures your attention in different ways with different paintings because she does have a Gemini way of thinking that brings out a broad range of styles – but you can always tell it’s one of hers.

I have bought many paintings by Liz – her work always makes me search within … and I always find that Liz is expressing for me how I feel in the world.

Derek Bunce

Retired Tool Maker, Somerset

I am the very happy owner of at least 6 “Shewan’s” bought over a number of years starting some 15 years ago. They all still give immense pleasure to the whole family. It is of note that they are the only artwork that survived my getting married and I have even been allowed to add to the collection since that happy day. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.

Colin Elwell

Director, Smith and Williamson

I discovered Liz Shewan’s wonderful art work about three years ago. A truly inspirational, emotive and highly talented artist. I am now the proud owner of two originals and several prints. Her paintings are full of spirituality, each day they seem to bring forth another facet, her use of colour and texture only heightens the fluidity of meaning given to the observer. Deep, powerful, visionary, inspiring and stirring. As an avid collector of fine art it is rare to find a painter who is able to give the onlooker answers to questions just by looking at their art. One of my favourite genres is sculpture and I hope to purchase one of her delightful pieces later this year – Liz captures character, especially the whimsical in animals, so brilliantly – her work brings out the very soul of her muse.

A collector from Dorset

Liz thanks for another excellent creative day. You really helped me explore different ways to approach my work, backed up with really useful exercises (some being a revelation) to get me started when confronted with a blank canvas! …. what next….



I want to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. Starting with the simple exercises and following through with the process to a finished picture in one day was really exciting, rewarding and very enjoyable. You made the whole day feel so safe, fun and very creative.



I am so moved by the head that you have done of Spirit. It somehow brings him back to life; I so love having him around me again. He is up in our bedroom and it helps me to feel connected to him every day. We had such a special bond, and somehow this seems to keep that bond alive in a very special way. Thank you Liz, you have captured him perfectly.

Toss S


The painting you have done of my daughter competing at Pontispool is so wonderful. You have captured the moment so well, and it is so simple. I know that we will treasure it forever and it will be hung in pride of place. Thank you.



I so love the portrait that you have of recently painted of my cat Mimi, who has now sadly passed away. You have caught her so well. It is just how I remember her looking at me and it makes me feel as if she is still with me. Beautiful. Thank you.


Hampshire, UK

Thank you for an excellent day. I am feeling very tired, which means that I have REALLY been working out of my comfort zone. I felt that we worked hard and that the day was well paced but also challenging. For me the level of support and advice was just right, supportive but realistic and above all, not condescending.


Devon, UK

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the Spirit People from the Art for Life Auction at the Mall Galleries in London last winter. It is possibly one of the most beautiful and inspiring pieces of art I have come across. As I have constantly been on the move since then I have barely had time to sit and look at it properly until now. It is so absorbing, I find myself gazing at it endlessly – it must have been very hard for you to part from it! Thank you.

R Ker


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