All being well I plan to do a Facebook Live in my Hare Tarot Club with Liz Shewan group later on today, Sunday 4th March 2018, working on this card in my studio … it will be therapeutic for both you to watch and me to paint, as it always is … so come and join me!


More in the Future


I feel the urge to share in this way for a while, I think you may enjoy it.  I have a couple of groups where this will be happening so come and join the groups and you will get notifications when I am going live so that you can watch me at work and ask me any questions you may have … it’s an experiment to be honest, so I shall see how it goes and how it develops.  My two groups are ‘What’s going on in the Studio – Liz Shewan Artist‘ and ‘Hare Tarot Club with Liz Shewan‘.

Look forward to seeing you …


Bye for now, Liz


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