For this years solo show I have decided to paint some landscapes … something that for some reason I have been avoiding doing for, well years.  I don’t sketch, I go right in.  Sometimes this flows easily … and to be honest right now it is not flowing quite so easily.  And when that happens it is usually a sign that I am too much in my head (admin can do that to you!) and all I need to do is simply get in the car and drive … then I walk about the countryside looking for inspiration, seeping up the earth, wind and the skies, taking photos as I go to help bring back the visuals for when I get back in the studio.

This spring has been a wonderful mix of sunshine and rains, colours and mists … here are a handful of photos that I have taken that are inspiring me in the studio right now …

Charmouth Wave © Liz Shewan 2015 Oldie Look 2

Overlooking West Bay Sunset © Liz Shewan Photographer 2015

Sea Jurassic Coast © Liz Shewan 2015

Colmers Hill End to a Long Day 30 Apr 2015 © Liz Shewan Photographer

End of Day West Bay © Liz Shewan Photographer 2015 2


And here is literally the beginnings of a couple of my landscapes that I have been working on in the studio for some time now … you will see the final version of them in the show at Lyme Regis in June …

Landscape Work in Progress Artist Studio Liz Shewan April 2015

WestBay Jurassic Coast Artist Studio Work in Progress © Liz Shewan 2015

I have to admit that if you follow me on Facebook you will get a more regular update of what is going on, with photos almost daily … so do come and join me on there.  I will endeavour to attempt to be more regular on here … but please bare with me … there are after all only a set amount of hours in each day!!

So until next time, have a lovely Sunday!



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