Workshops with Liz Shewan


It’s all too easy to take life too seriously … and expressing yourself through art is an excellent way to release your anxiety and worries about life.

Spend a few hours with me and tap into the infinite pool of creative energy and prepare to expand your world.



Using a slightly unconventional approach I will help you to connect to the wonders of life and express yourself with a renewed passion and vigour that will positively impact the rest of your life.

I can be hired for workshops, residentials, corporate events, retirement homes, care homes or for private tuition for both adults and young people. I am also asked to take one-off classes for for art societies and clubs.


It does not matter if you have not painted before, or since you were a child or if you are an expert.  The aim of these sessions is to allow your memory and imagination to tell you what to do while you work … and to have fun!



Art inspiration and growth comes from observation, from experience and from tapping into your imagination.  My tuition is designed to move you between these three sources to help your mind remain flexible and creative in your thinking and delivery, as well as to give you the space and time to really focus on the development of your creativity.

Thank you for an excellent day. I am feeling very tired, which means that I have REALLY been working out of my comfort zone. I felt that we worked hard and that the day was well paced but also challenging. For me the level of support and advice was just right, supportive but realistic and above all, not condescending.



I want to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. Starting with the simple exercises and following through with the process to a finished picture in one day was really exciting, rewarding and very enjoyable. You made the whole day feel so safe, fun and very creative.



Liz thanks for another excellent creative day. You really helped me explore different ways to approach my work, backed up with really useful exercises (some being a revelation) to get me started when confronted with a blank canvas! …. what next….



At the moment I am putting together my workshop schedule for 2018 so please bookmark this page and come back to see what is going on.  Alternatively be sure to sign up for my newsletter and you will then receive news of events as and when they get organised.

If you would like me to come and take a group in your care home, art society or if you have teenage children wanting to get through their exams, or younger children wanting to explore their creativity then please do get in touch.

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